Monthly:January 2012

A Short Video Message & Our New Facebook Page

Although we are somewhat shy being the ones in front of the camera, we thought we would do a short video update as we enter into the final stretch of our campaign. We also decided to create a Facebook Page for the project to share more spontaneous updates during our journey. We think it will be a great way to send out quick updates once we get in the field.

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Vintage Print Raffle for Kickstarter Backers

With less than 30 days now to reach our goal we thought of offering some additional rewards for our beloved backers. Recently, we were able to get permission from National Geographic to reproduce some of Dean C. Worcester indigenous portraits taken back in the 1910’s. He captured some incredible images of the different Filipino ethnic groups during the beginning of last century. We are honored to be able to offer some of these vintage images to you for helping support […]

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