Monthly:December 2011

My side of the story: What next year could bring

by Nahoma Maentz Fifty-five days. That’s the number of days left before our fund-raising on Kickstarter ends. Many of you have already seen or heard about this project that my husband and I are hoping to accomplish. We’ve got a long, long way to go still; nonetheless, we are working hard each day on spreading this out to everyone simply because we want this project realized. For the value that we believe it holds. It’s my husband who has always […]

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59 Days and Counting – Project Launched

Today is a good day! We have been working on getting our Kickstarter campaign up for the past two weeks and now it has finally been launched. Check out our Kickstarter page now to watch the video we put together and all the awesome rewards for supporters. This campaign is for the first phase of the project, basically to cover travel costs to collect stories and images from all nine indigenous areas. For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter […]

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