Katutubo Website Launched

With the recent announcement of the Katutubong Filipino Project this website has been launched (www.katutuboproject.org) to highlight important information and updates about this documentary project. The Katutubong Filipino Project is a photographic project that will document the last remaining indigenous peoples in the Philippines. The project aims to collect images and stories from the nine major indigenous subgroups including the Ati, Badjao, Igorot, Ilongots, Lumad, Mangyan, Tumandok, Negritos of Luzon and the Palawan Tribes.

The project’s mission is to bring about awareness of the Philippine archipelago’s indigenous peoples’ by visually documenting their slowly disappearing cultural heritages. Katutubo is the Tagalog word for “native” or “indigenous,” combined with Filipino to collectively mean the “Indigenous Filipino Project.”