These diverse groups of people populated and spread throughout the archipelago over a span of 30,000 years creating thriving societies and distinct lifestyles
Today, modernization is moving at an extremely fast pace, both socially and economically, which is accelerating change and infuencing signifcantly the remaining indigenous groups of the archipelago.
Project Katutubong Pilipino is a long-term documentary project showcasing the beauty and depth of Philippine indigenous cultures and highlighting the many environmental and social issues these groups are currently facing.
Who We Are / Mission
Spearheaded by documentary photographer Jacob Maentz, Project Katutubong Pilipino aims to create compelling and comprehensive photo documentaries about the many indigenous groups still present throughout the Philippine Archipelago. The project has been made possible by the kind support of individual donors and organizations.
Images from the Project
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Blue Earth believes documentary photography can inspire positive change

In partnership with Blue Earth Alliance individuals can now support Project Katutubong Pilipino with tax-exempt charitable donations. We rely on the generosity of individuals to continue doing this important work. Blue Earth believes documentary photography can inspire positive change.

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